The company operations

Company Operations:

a) Recruitment
1. BGOS provides ex-Gurkha soldiers from Nepal for marine and other international industries.
2. The company also recruits suitable bona fide Nepalese citizens, irrespective of gender, who possesses excellent personalities, presentable appearance and the qualities for working abroad in a wide variety of different jobs.
3. All selected candidates are processed in accordance with the foreign employment rules and regulations of the Nepalese Government’s Ministry of Labour. BGOS will guide Clients through these simple procedures.
4. When forwarding the details of candidates to a Client, BGOS will take the greatest care to match the Client’s requirements, taking into account the different levels of skills, language ability, health conditions and age brackets specified by the Client.

b) Pre Embarkation Medical
All pre embarkation medicals are performed at Subba Pathology & Clinic in Kathmandu by a qualified doctor approved by Norwegian Maritime Authority and the Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority.

c) Visas
BGOS has good working relationships with the Embassies and their agencies required to acquire USC1-D, British, Schengen and other national transit or work visas for those it recruits, and will guide our Clients through the simple processes required.

d) MLC 2006
BGOS is in compliance with the requirements of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 and holds a certificate issued by Lloyds of Mumbai.

e) Records
Whilst maintaining strict levels of confidentiality in the handling of personal documents, BGOS will maintain full details of all recruits in accordance with national legislation.