About Us

About Us

British Gurkha Overseas Services Private Limited (BGOS) was established over the year 1998. Since its establishment, BGOS was sub-contracted by Gurkha International Manpower Services Ltd. (GIMS), which has its HQ in Hong Kong, to recruit suitable ex-Gurkhas from the British & Indian Armies or the Gurkha Contingent of the Singapore Police Force to work abroad on-board cruise liners in many departments, or in land, often in the capacity as Security Personnel, but also in other capacities.

With the gradual expansion in business and at the request of its Clients, BGOS later expanded its recruiting line by accepting suitable retired personnel from the Nepalese Army and Police Force, as well as bona fide citizens of Nepal with non-military backgrounds, regardless of gender, to work abroad. Provided, always, that they have the potential to meet the expectations of our Client companies.

BGOS is licensed by the Government of Nepal to recruit for foreign employment and is obliged to complete all the legal formalities enforced by the Ministry of Labour before the employees it confirms depart abroad to take-up their respective jobs.

BGOS Mission Statement


To secure employment for both Nepalese men and women with reputable employers outside Nepal.

  • To provide high quality, trained Nepalese seafarers to the international shipping Industry.
  • To provide Nepalese male and female security guards and officers for employment on land across the world.
  • To provide Nepalese men and women to our Clients by legal means for the construction and other industries outside Nepal.
  • To provide quality management and employment agency services for Nepalese employees at legal rates.